Sarah’s classes, workshops and training programs are upbeat, interesting and educational! With keen attention to detail, she takes complex business, computer and online technology subjects and breaks them into step-by-step plans of action to short cut your learning curve and get you up and running faster than you could on your own. She also provides business coaching, website consulting and technical advice to business professionals, entrepreneurs and their staff to improve their social media presence, increase productivity and develop new technical skills.


I attended Sarah’s “Pinterest 101 in Action” workshop. It was a great evening! Sarah is very knowledgeable and is a talented public speaker. She is able to cover a lot of material while facilitating discussions in the group. She kept things friendly and fun, but also managed to stick to the agenda. We received a workshop note package, watched a great powerpoint presentation, had group discussions…overall, a great evening! Well worth it. I look forward to attending future workshops!

Sarah Swanson-Dallinga

Entrepreneur, Sylvatica Gardens

Although I’ve made regular client presentations, I found myself excited yet nervous when an opportunity came up to deliver a public presentation in my local region. Your Public Speaking Success System hit on every aspect I needed to feel confident while developing my talk, delivering it, and following up with the 6 consultations I booked that day. Where I once felt nervous, I began to look forward to my talk and felt excited about connecting with my audience.

Your tips and the process provided a stable structure for me to work with and also helped me understand the dynamics of public speaking while developing an empowering presence that people are responding to. I’ve gone on to do another talk since then and used your system to guide my steps. Thank you so much for showing me how to develop inspiring talks that create value, and how I can use speaking opportunities to attract new clients.

Lindsay Herbert

Entrepreneur and Interior Designer, Inside Elements


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